Gain the secrets to Manifesting Magic In Your Life with habits that actually stick.

New Years Resolutions Don’t Work! Here are my Top Three Tips for manifesting the life you desire. Plus! Stay to the end to get my BONUS Tip that is the secret sauce to shifting everything in your life and help you manifest faster than ever before!
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About This Product:

Affirmations and the Law of Attraction DO NOT WORK… unless you change the frequency at which you are vibrating!!!

Change your vibe and change your life! Watch The Magic unfold over the next 30 days!

It’s time to Vibrate Higher!

Here is everything you get when you make your purchase...

The complete Magic Vibes Workbook and Journal!

A 30 day Mindset  and Vibration Shift Journey...

This workbook and journal will completely change your thought process so that you have a Magic Mindset, that will transform absolutely anything and everything in your life!

Thoughts become THINGS...

so as you shift your thought process you will create an absolutely new Vibrational Signiture. 

This new vibration will be in complete alignment with Peace, Love and Joy

Therefore, helping you to manifest ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you want to create in your life! 


When you act now you will get two of my most transformational tools to ensure your success!...


The Digging Deep exercise to find your why! 

Most people fail at keeping their New Year's Resolutions and often don't complete the things they set out to do.

Thats because they are not truly aligned with their "Why"...

their driving purpose, the fuel that would actually get them to achieve their desires. 

This exercise helps you to get in touch with the REAL reason as to why you want what you want,

so you can complete this 30 day Mindset Journey with ease and grace. 


The Future Self Meditation to help you step into the SUPER POWER you were destined to be!

This POWERFUL meditation takes you into the future to meet your future self! 

The self that has already accomplished and achieved everything your heart desires!

Acessing this level of conciousness will help you to unlock a superpower you never thought possible. 

Here you will be able to gain an unfair advantage by knowing the exact strategies you NEED for success in ADVANCE! 

Know all the tips, advice and guidance that you need to FINALLY make this year YOUR YEAR! 

So click the link below and LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED! 

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Catherine Veronica

Hi! I’m Catherine. I help women turn their wounds into wisdom, pain into power and obstacles into opportunity. Let me help you be unstoppable and unleash your Superwoman Within!
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As an intuitive advisor I have dedicated myself to guiding and uplifting women on their transformative journeys. Through personalized coaching, I provide not only insightful guidance but also foster an environment that cultivates empowerment and resilience. My approach blends empathetic coaching techniques with tailored strategies, creating a space where women can harness their inner strength and navigate life's challenges with confidence and resilience. My commitment is to empower women to embrace their unique strengths, overcome obstacles, and thrive in every aspect of their lives.


My passion as a coach stems from my personal journey, where I've encountered various challenges and, in the process, acquired a toolbox of valuable insights and skills. Having transformed my own wounds into wisdom, my commitment lies in guiding others to do the same in their lives. I see my career as a continuous journey of growth and empowerment, both for myself and those I coach.


Skills that help me transmute your pain into power:





YOGA MASTER RYT 500 - 2010











Keen- Spiritual Advisor

May 2014 - Present


Landmark Worldwide- Course Supervisor 2015- 2018

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